Equity Statement

Commitment to Equity

NSHE is proud to serve as a majority-minority system that values an educational, working, and collegial environment that fosters inclusion, diversity, equity, and access for all students, faculty, staff, and the public served by our institutions. NSHE is committed to intentional engagement and affirmation of groups with diverse backgrounds through an equitable opportunity for all to fully participate in, and contribute to, programs, services, activities, environments, and decision/policy making. We strive to deliver an inclusive and accessible higher education platform through equitable treatment and advancement opportunities by ensuring that all have what they need to be successful within our system.

NSHE actively encourages applications for both student admission and system workplace opportunities from members of groups with historical and/or current barriers to inclusion, diversity, equity, and access including, but not limited to: 

  • The sovereign tribal nations of the United States, and especially those of Nevada, who originate from the ancestral lands on which we reside, learn, teach, work, and recreate, including the Wa She Shu – Washoe, Numu – Northern Paiute, Nuwe – Western Shoshone, and Nuwu – Southern Paiute;

  • Members of groups that commonly experience discrimination due to race, ethnicity, ancestry, skin color, age, sex, sexuality, genetic information, military status or military obligations, class, language, religion and/or spiritual beliefs, or place of origin;

  • Persons with visible and/or invisible (physical and/or mental) disabilities;

  • Persons who identify as women or men; and

  • Persons of marginalized sexual orientations, gender identities, and gender expressions.